In my spare time I delve into the world of short film making...

A few doodles here and there...
 11 Artists Project 

The 11 Artists project was created to enable emerging artists to gain exposure through clothing collections and a selection of exhibitions. 

We selected 11 artists over 12 months and each month one of these artists created a collection of t-shirt designs. 

These t-shirts alongside original artwork were displayed in a context that complimented the artists work, whether it be a bar, a gallery, in stores or online.

To round off the project we held an exhibition and pop up shop at Beach Gallery, London, on the 22nd December. This exhibition brought together all of the 11 Artists.

Artwork for Bestival / Pootopia 

The guys at Pootopia who supply eco loos for festivals commissioned us to paint their toilets before the festival began. When we arrived we originally thought we had about 20 doors to paint. Instead it turned out to be 40 + We accepted the challenge and had a rad time doing so. We are hoping to work with these guys again this summer.